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I have a connection with hawks and birds of prey. It really goes back to 2006 after my brother Tom died. Tom spent his life in a wheelchair because of a birth defect. He never let that stop him. I remember well his drive to get a job, to go to college, to engage in sports, to have a social life. A few weeks after Tom died I went hiking and climbed Allender Mt. I was bereft and feeling so down. As I sat on the top of the mountain a falcon whizzed by me and hovered out about 30 feet in front of me. I was startled to say the least! Then I laughed. I felt that Tom was visiting me telling me that he was free and enjoying his new freedom! Ever since then, I have had some very interesting experiences with eagles, hawks, and falcons. Each time I feel my brother's presence, his humor, and his care. A couple of weeks ago I was taking a walk and talking to a friend. I looked up to see a red-tail hawk perched on the top of a pine tree. He was large and the top could barely support him. All at
Waiting for the right moment... I was out skiing the other day. The weather was pleasant. The golf course was mine. A hawk flew from a stand of trees, calling as he went. His wonderful hawk call resounded over the course. Then I heard another hawk in the same stand of trees. Persistent, like she was unwilling to let go of her friend. But on close examination of the voice in the trees, I realized that it came from a blue jay imposter! I had read that jays will imitate hawks, but I never experienced it myself. So there was the jay, as bold as anyone calling hawk-like and hiding in the low branches of the pines. The more she called the stranger the imitation, but she was unvexed. I had a good chuckle! It was worth the wait! A hawk bursts       from an Aspen: climbs,            dips,                         dives,                                  glides. free on the thermals free… How I dream, yearn for that liberty- to be free from the tyrant: self, free from