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Christmas Bird Count

Yesterday I experienced my first Christmas Bird Count right here in Schenectady. I have always wanted to do this because the data that is collected is so important in protecting birds and their habitat. An expert birder who has been doing this for many years initiated me in the Count. We walked one site after another listening and looking for signs of birds. It was cloudy and cold, so we were challenged to stay with it for over 5 hours.  It was very exciting to go on the "hunt" for birds. We really wanted to find a great horned owl, but no luck. We did see 5 species of woodpeckers: Downey, Hairy, Piliated, Yellow- Bellied Sapsucker and Red Breasted. That was a real treat. At one site we estimated a mob of 250 crows - American and Fish. They were making quite a din! That always means something is disturbing them; they are the sentinels of the forest. In this case, they had spotted a coyote! We counted many other species. I loved the mallards and common mergansers by the Mohaw
Sorry, it has been a month since posting. I have been having computer troubles! Yesterday, December 2 I went to 5 Rivers Environmental Center in Delmar. I was "celebrating" five years of my mom's going home to God. I always go to the woods for healing, solace, celebration, reflection. There I find peace, comfort, joy... Yesterday was cloudy but pleasant. The December woods are stark but still alive with tales of life and promise. The brown fields, the crunching leaf litter, and the soft, piney duff speak of things that have passed. Woodpeckers and crows were still busy. Deer in their dark winter coats came out to feed. Nature has no problem letting go and falling asleep after a job well done. Spring will come, green will return; songbirds will sing again. All that spoke to me of my mom and how I know I will experience the fullness of her presence once more and have the pleasure of her company, face to face!