Spring has slid into summer. The leaves on the trees are full and green and giving shade. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that I took a hike to Strawberry Fields over near Amsterdam. This lovely preserve is "managed" by the Mohawk/Hudson Land Conservancy. If you are local check them out; there is a preserve for everyone!

As I hiked the two-mile perimeter trail, I noticed how the trees were at all different stages of leafing. Some Maples, eager to get going, were in full leaf. Magnificent in their reaching. The Oaks were a bit reticent. They usually are - the last ones to lose leaves -  hanging onto them into the Winter and early Spring; they are shy about Spring budding. Delicate amber leaves are mixed with the sepia catkins that will blossom into acorns. Standing back, looking up I was enthralled with the many shades of bronze the tree produced. There were Shagbark Hickories who were not having any of the coming-out thing! Large buds remained sealed tight. Apples were already blooming throwing the fear of Spring frost to the wind. 

There are so many examples of timing in Nature. When is the "right time"?  When each tree or plant says so; no timetable is followed. I reflected that this would be a wonderful way to consider growth and maturing among our own species. If a child isn't ready to walk or talk (unless there is a physical problem), then fine, no worries. If a child isn't ready for Kindergarten just wait. If a teen isn't attached to teenage dress, music, past times - what is the hurry? 

We humans are part of Nature. We grow at our own pace and really need to do just that!

These pictures were taken from my back porch, same time, same day- one isn't ready to be in full leaf -

great examples of timing!


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