Ice. Even the sound, the hiss, the word makes as it slides over our teeth makes us edgy. Yes, we love it in summer drinks, cooling iced tea, and lemonade. But it strikes fear in our hearts as it comes down from the sky and covers the roads in terror. When it encapsulates wires and brings trees crashing down - then ice is a fiend, not a friend. 

Having had a few ice-related falls, I know ice makes me tremble. But then I don my trusty microspikes and set out on icy paths with glee. That's when ice isn't intimidating but inviting. It beckons - "I have some delightful surprises for you"! Paths that lead to ice adorned creeks are so welcoming. Ice-covered branches bob happily in the water; ice-covered rocks shine in the sun. Ice sculpts itself as it clings to trees and rock faces. It has an amazing color palette. Depending on minerals seeping from tree or rock it may be amber, or jade or butterscotch or blue. It can be smooth as a mirror. It can be ridged deeply and resemble huge pipes like those of a church organ. I always mourn to see the drip, drip, drip that heralds its demise! But as it sings itself back to water there is the promise of another age of ice!

Great fingers of ice

stiffly dripping from the rock.

Fluid feelings frozen, yet

running arpeggios

of muted jade,


                          and bronze.

A scherzo of sunlight


 and sounds

a concert.

Silent music,

only the heart

can hear.

(Hadley Mt. 1/13/01)

Do you have an ice adventure to share?

Photos courtesy of Norm Kutcher and Tracy Watson


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