I love the snow! This love was rekindled on Tuesday evening when I took a walk in the park. It was dusk, the snow was falling gently and gathering on the pine trees. The lake had a thin coat of ice and snowflakes made it white. Snow is so amazing. It is hard to imagine that each flake is unique! 
I looked up snowflake on wiki and found:
snowflake is a single ice crystal that has achieved a sufficient size and may have amalgamated with others, then falls through the Earth's atmosphere as snow. Each flake nucleates around a dust particle in supersaturated air masses by attracting supercooled cloud water droplets, which freeze and accrete in crystal form. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperature and humidity zones in the atmosphere, such that individual snowflakes differ in detail from one another...

It always fascinates me to look up the science behind the reality of what I see. Drama lies in the details - the drama of how intricate and amazing creation is! Science needs to be wedded with beauty and feeling I think. So when I am out celebrating snow, I try to reflect on the marvels of ice crystals, the excitement of gathering snow and the beauty of Earth blanketed in tiny droplets of frozen water! 

The next time it snows take time to wonder before grousing about shoveling or cleaning your car off! Where do you see the beauty of a snowfall?

By Alexey Kljatov - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Macro photography of a natural snowflake


  1. For me there is a gentle beauty in watching the snowfall I love shoveling snow in the evening I experience such peacefulness. The connection to Jesus is always There in the solitude I feel.🎄⛄️💚❄️

    1. Thanks, Gail and you get plenty of time for shoveling and connecting! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love fresh fallen snow! I especially love to watch it falling because it quiets me and forces me to pause. In the world we live in, I'm sure many would think I was wasting my time watching the snow fall. But it's important to our well-beings that we take advantage of the "pause" once in awhile. It's not being selfish. Personally, I feel, it's very restorative. I can imagine you walking in the park, Sis. I know it was beautiful, peaceful and sacred! Merry Christmas, Sis, and a Blessed 2020.

  3. I love the quiet of falling snow-or the crunching underneath my feet of snow a few days old. I love looking up at snow as it is coming down-awesome! I love making fresh tracks in snow- sort of like how God makes “fresh tracks” in my soul many mornings. Thank you for this post, and may these last few days of Advent be just what you need!


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